Binge Jesus

Our staff team is praying that the upcoming holiday breaks will be a time of spiritual vitality for you.  We are offering several opportunities you can opt into below to help your spiritual growth.  

We also want this to be a fun activity and to celebrate together the steps you are taking to grow closer to Christ.  If you log 125 points on our tracking app we will send you one of our InterVarsity iron on patches.  If you reach 225 points, we’ll be excited to mail you one of our care packages chock full of goodies that we are making.

Please pray about how God would have you participate, and then sign up here to indicate which activities you are interested in getting notifications for (signing up does not mean you are committing to attend, just that we will make sure to keep you notified when these things are going to happen)

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Tracking Points

Steps to track points

  1. Sign up here for a ChallengeRunner account and enroll in our challenge. If it asks for a challenge code, use this: fbe7h1-2mkz
  2. Log in on the ChallengeRunner web site, Android app, or iPhone app to log points.
  3. Email Hans if you’re having issues.


125 points: InterVarsity iron-on patch

225 points: Care package with homemade goodies

Activities Available

These are activities designed to help you engage with God and his word, and consider what it means to live in his kingdom.

Thinking Deeply

Small Groups

10 points per SG attended

Would you be interested in continuing meeting for Bible study while on break? If so, just let us know! We will organize anyone who is interested into weekly online small groups.

Daily Quiet Times

1 point per QT Logged

One of the very best ways we can remain in Jesus (John 15:5) is by spending time in His Word and in prayer every day.  If you do a daily quiet time, log it on the app.

You are welcome to pursue any content you find helpful for a daily quiet time/devotion and log it in our app or on the web site.

And sometimes having help and accountability – and a plan – can make all the difference in having a quiet time. If you are looking for somewhere to give you structure for a daily quiet time, then look no further. Go to: – this will walk you through a daily passage, some questions to reflect on, and a prayer response.

Tough Questions Discussion

10 points per session attended

Do you ever have tough questions about the Bible? About God? What about your friends, have they ever asked you tough questions? Join us Tuesday mornings at 11 AM via Zoom for a 1 hour interactive discussion on some tough questions. Feel free to invite friends or family – anyone is welcome as long as they are willing to listen and dialogue respectfully!

Nov. 24 – Is the Bible reliable?
Dec. 1 – Don’t all religions lead to God?
Dec. 8 – Why do bad things happen to good people?
Dec. 15 – What does the Bible say about racism and injustice?
Dec. 22 – Is the Bible outdated in its views towards gender and sexuality?
Dec. 29 – Do science and faith conflict?
Jan. 5 – What about people who’ve never heard about Jesus?

Men and Women in the Church: Book Discussion

20 points per session attended

Avoiding the pitfalls of both radical feminism and reactionary conservatism, Sarah Sumner traces a new path through the thicket of issues–biblical, theological, psychological and practical–to establish and affirm common ground in the debate over men and women in the church. Join this bi-weekly book discussion led by Emily Musser to openly explore this topic in a group setting and be challenged in your own viewpoints.

Every other Thursday at 12PM, lunch and discussion. Talk to your staff worker about getting a copy of the book for $10.

Invitation to a Journey: Book Discussion

20 points per session attended

Spiritual formation is “the process of being formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others. Compact and solid, this definition encompasses the dynamics of a vital Christian life and counters our culture’s tendency to make spirituality a trivial matter or reduce it to a private affair between ‘me and Jesus.” In this book we will look at the journey that all Christians go on in deepening their faith and the spiritual practices that can best aid them on their journey.

Bi-weekly student-led zoom discussions.

Reading schedule and information

There is also a great accompanying podcast.

Consuming Media Wisely

It’s easy to fall into a habit of just mindlessly finding something to watch or listen to. These are ways to help you think more intentionally about the media that you use.

Spiritual Lessons from WWII – Podcast discussion

5 points per podcast listened to

In this series by Pastor Eric Ludy on the 1939-1945 war, he underscores the parallels between physical battle and our spiritual war as believers. And, it’s remarkable to see how the struggles and vast challenges of WW2 can supply a magnificent portrayal of the two kingdoms at war to a believer’s understanding.

Inspire your walk with Christ by listening to two installments a week and a group discussion at the end.

Invitation to a Journey – Accompanying Podcast

5 points per podcast listened to

There is a great accompanying podcast to the book Invitation to a Journey (which we will have book discussions on)… but you can listen to the podcast as a stand-alone activity, too.

Movie Discussion: Hacksaw Ridge

50 points for Attending

Hacksaw Ridge is the true story of Desmond T. Doss, a WWII soldier who won the medal of honor despite being a conscientious objector who refused to use firearms for religious reasons.

As a special bonus, this movie discussion will be led by NMU student Ryan Matthias, who served as a marine and was actually stationed where this film takes place.

Discussion will take place Tuesday, January 5 at 7 PM on Zoom.

*Please note that this movie is rated R. It has very strong themes around living out the Christian faith wholeheartedly, but the movie does depict combat violence and situations very realistically.

The Chosen

5 points per Episode Watched

Looking for something to watch with your family or friends over break? Try The Chosen, a crowd-funded series about the life of Jesus. Beautifully done and theologically sound, it brings to life Jesus and the people around him in a way we haven’t seen before.

After watching an episode, discuss it with those watching with you. What stood out? What surprised you?

Kahoot Games

10 points per session attended

Online games are fun, and even better when they are played in community!! We are arranging some friendly competition over Kahoot during breaks. Stay tuned for when these fun social times will happen!

Partnering with God

God is working in the world. How can we recognize that and partner with him in his ministry with those around us?


75 points for doing the campaign on Instagram or Facebook

Can you use social media for starting spiritual conversations? Yes! Use this link for a self-guided tutorial ( – ask your staff for guidance) or join Michigan Tech’s group on Thursday, December 3 at 7pm as we work through this together.


75 points for attending

Have you been thinking and praying about starting something new on campus – maybe a Bible study in your major or a spiritual discussion with non-Christian friends? Ambition is designed to help you find your place in God’s mission on campus and empower you to take the next step. At Ambition, you’ll encounter God, hear powerful stories, and collaborate with others to start something new on campus.

It’s an online conference, and there will be a group watching together in Houghton, January 8-10 (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). Talk to Hans if you’re interested. Registration ($50, scholarships available) and more info at:


Sign up here