Session 11: Topical Study

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Sexuality is such a large topic that we have broken it down into five subtopics: marriage, romance, divorce, polygamy, and homosexuality. As a group, decide on a subtopic to study and sign up here.

The Plan

In Small Groups

Meet with your small group to follow the outline given to you on page 104 of your Origins book. While you study, remember to reference any Scripture you use when answering questions.

Sharing what you learned

As a community, it can be good and helpful to share what we learn. Use what you learned in your topical study to make a poster or online creation and share it with the other tribes. One suggestion is to use the “Synthesis” portion of the study on page 105 to help guide your project.

When it’s created, upload it to this folder. Don’t forget to take time to check out the other group projects!