Session 13: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Setting up the Sequel

Theological Reflection

We’re now going to give you some time to think about theology, a reflection on who God is. Growing theologically is important for followers of Jesus, in part because how you act and feel is determined by how you think. We want our thinking to be aligned with God so our lives follow that same way.

Take some time to fill out the Theological Reflection on page 111. The Selah pages in your handbook can help as you reflect, and the “Reviewing the Journey” page next to it provides a quick reminder of the main activities in each session.

You will have a time to share some of the themes that emerge when we meet together.

Personal Reflection

Continuing to reflect over our time in Origins, take some time to work through the reflection questions on page 112.

Reading Plan

There is so much more to learn and experience in the Old Testament than what we’ve been able to cover in Origins! To help you take the next step into the Bible, use pages 113-114 to make a personalized reading plan.

The more specific you get, the more lasting the impact of this journey will be on your life!

As you make plans for continuing your exploration of the Old Testament, you may want to consider going back to some of the places you noted on the bottom of their Selah sheets. You can also use the final section of the guide, “Digging Deeper,” which contains exercises on engaging with the Wisdom Literature and a list of book recommendations and online resources.

A few resources to point out: